Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kueendom | 4minute - Hate Dance Cover

Another dance cover by Kueendom for Hate by 4Minute. Intro pic is my official solo shot for the cover, and in this cover I play the member Jihyun. :D 

In case you didn't know, Kueendom is a Kpop dance group from Selangor, Malaysia. :) From left to right, me, Iylia, Yiwei, Naomi and Siau Chian.

For this comeback 4Minute has a few outfit options we could go for but in the ended we decided on the baggy grey sweat pants and cropped tops set. It's a shame thou that we couldn't find white bandanas but the red ones looked good too. Do note the details we put into recreating outfits of each member! 4Minute has 4M printed in red on their tops, we have a K with a crown on it. :') 

Watch our dance cover here! :) Our videographer/editor also added in some NGs which I really enjoy.

Some selfies and outfit shots taken after our shoot. :D Within my selfies, see also all the selfie-taking happening in the background haha.

Had a blast preparing and shooting this. Hope you enjoy our cover! Another one coming your way really soon. :DDD

With all the love,

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