Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Keryn's Travelogue: Work trip to Labuan, Sabah

Two weeks after my visit to KK, I've the chance to visit Labuan island, Sabah. :) Labuan is a Federal Territory of Malaysia and it was my first time visiting so I was quite excited!

Took an evening flight to the island and admired God's beautiful creation outside the window.

Checked into Sara Hotel. Went out for food and made myself some coffee and chilled in the room for the rest of the evening.

Duty calls! Next morning attended an appointment at the Ujana Kewangan Labuan. After that, I had the rest of the day free to explore the unfamiliar seaside town.

The Labuan Square.

The Labuan International Sea Sport Complex and while there, visited the Marine Museum. A shark was circling the Touch Pool but I didn't dare to touch it! Where has my courage gone.

The museum was so empty the fishes started to look creepy af. It was like they were just staring at me with their non-blinking eyes *chills*. And generally I have this fear against fish so yea.

The stairway of horror where the museum decided it was a good idea to paste 3D giant fishes along the walls.

The dugong's frontal view gave me a jump when I saw it suddenly on my right. I jumped and I screamed in my mind, what the heck is that?? And usually I find dugongs super cute!

A nice seashells display and some coral reef fishes. And that was the end of my almost traumatic visit to the Marine Museum lol.

Visited the Clock Tower near the Sea Sport Complex and chilled by the beach for a little.

Ramsey Point, a historical spot for Labuan where an exchange between the local and the English took place here, if not mistaken. (Read something on this at the Labuan Museum lol)

And yes I visited the Labuan Museum.

And many of you might have already known, I only stumbled upon the fact that Labuan is a duty free heaven! I randomly discovered a duty free store and only realized there after that there were tons laying around town lol. I went crazy with the Ritter Sports which usually retails for RM9.9-RM11+ but here it is sold at RM5.70 *hearts*. Back in KL the boxed Ritter Sports in the picture above are usually sold for Rm50+? While there I also enjoyed some ciders that I used to love when I was back in the UK, which was so inexpensive.

Overall it was quite a chilled visit if I'd say so myself. The town was quite underwhelming but since I only confined myself within the town centre area due to limitation of time, I would assume the west end of the island to be more exciting? That's where the beaches and the wrecks are located at, and it would have been amazing to be able to do some beach activities. Oh well, there's always a next time! Evening flight back was delayed and I only landed in KL at 12+ midnight. D:

And that's the end of my short visit to Labuan.

With all the love,

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