Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kueendom | Gfriend - Rough Dance Cover

A short post to document on here the dance cover Kueendom did two months ago. :) 

I really enjoyed doing this dance. I loved the team, I love the member I played and I loved the outfit. We had an amazing videographer for the video too, Al from Frecaffenation Films, who was the same guy who shot our Hate video. And we were so lucky to be able to have such a scenic location as the setting! Thank you Eco Sanctuary Ecoworld for letting us use the amazing space. Really love how the video turned out. ♥♥

Pictures of the day were taken by Jeki, who went early morning and stayed with us till shooting ended in the afternoon just to take pictures for us. Thank you Jeki for the amazing pictures. ♥

Watch our dance video here. :) Do leave us a comment in our Youtube Channel comment box if you enjoy the our videos!

The girls. ♥ From left to right- Siau Chian (now in the UK), Yiwei, Makiyo (now in Taiwan), Iylia, Naomi (now in Korea) and myself. :) Just a bunch of girls who simply loves dancing and loves K-pop. Hope you enjoy our video!

More to come. :D

With all the love,

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