Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keryn's Travelogue: Work trip to Singapore

Last Sunday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me. :) 

Celebration was simple and I will blog about it in the near doubt it future. I'm officially 24 now! Think I'm way past the teenager stage but don't quite feel like an adult yet so can I call myself, a youth? lol which coincides with my favourite song at the moment, Youth by Troye Sivan. Hahahah what am I rambling on about.

So anyway, last Sunday was my birthday. And on the Friday before that, I got confirmed at work after my 6-month probation. I'm so excited! The timing was perfect and it was like a birthday present for myself. ♥ Work has been busy but good and I've the chance to travel a bit because of it so I'm not complaining! The industry is very new to me but I'm learning and I'm enjoying the wave.

 Not long ago I was back in Singapore for work. :) Made a big round to make my intro to this post so there haha.

Took the earliest flight from Kl to Singapore and checked in to V Hotel Lavender. The hotel personnel initiated to upgrade my room for me it was really nice of them! Had the really nice room all to myself with view of the concrete jungle outside my window. :)

Went out to get lunch around Raffles Place and experienced rush hour in Singapore. 

The working class bustling around to lunch/back to work and the girls all well groomed and in fashionable work attire. I could see myself loving work here and fitting in. Always wanting to experience work life in Singapore so it was really inspiring for me. I am open to possibilities. :)

Figured I've not visited the Merlion for awhile now so I made a quick stop. Marina Bay Sands in the background. :)

Grabbed a quick snack before heading back to the hotel for a change of clothes, then off to attend to work matters.

Was told off by so many people that I could've taken the cab and claim for transportation haha I know I could but I really didn't mind the mrt. I find pleasure in taking the mrt because I can sleep when I want to lol, and people watching is a hobby. I like observing people, the way they talk they way they dress, which is a nice change of scenery from looking at cars while travelling to work in Malaysia.

Work gear from back in the university days because these are the most formal things I own (except for the flats which I specially got for Kueendom's dance cover Rough lol). RIP work bag not because of the peeled leather but cuz I accidentally spilt coffee inside it one day and it stunk beyond repair lol fml.

Appreciate Hian Yi and Tian Jie who took time out of their after-work hours and spent it with me. ♥ We had dinner at Yoogane, Bugis Junction.

 Thank you again Hian Yi for the recommendation and the treat. :) Went for the seafood platter and had cheese ramen and korean rice cake as sides. It was sooooo good I ate really well. Want to be in the position to start buying people nice meals but I'm not there yet. :C In the future I treat you good food ok!

After dinner we walked around Bugis Junction and Tian Jie treated us llaollao frozen yogurt, which was a first try for me as well. :)) Started eating before picture was taken so compensated the tip with another lol. These two beautiful people are based in Singapore so we don't really get to see each other much hence really enjoyed their short company that evening.

Lights outside my window before turning in to bed that night, and flew back to KL next morning. Went to bed with the shades open because the view was beautiful and very therapeutic. :) In short, work matter in Singapore wrapped up well. Came back on another occasion for a half day trip but the matter ended in my favour so YAY. As usual, I really enjoyed my time Singapore. Till the next time.

With all the love,

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