Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Keryn's Travelogue: Weekend to Malacca

During the long weekend of Labour Day (which was 2 whole months ago LOL), a few friends and I made a 1N1D road trip to Malacca. :) Been here twice previously with Tim but we were here for short stops enroute to JB. This time was the first time I had the chance to stay overnight at Malacca and hence I got more time to explore Malacca and the foods here. But Tim couldn't join us because he had work over weekends *cries.

Left to right Victor, Dicky, Donna, yours truly, Anne and big boss Lejun. They are all from the TUDC family. :) Pic credits to big boss.

Impromptu decision to drive to Malacca that Saturday evening lol then departed Subang around 1130pm. We reached Malacca around 2am+.

It was a last minute decision to go to Malacca and we did not book accommodation. It somehow slipped our mind that it was a long weekend we didn't expect we would have such a hard time finding accommodation. An hour+ was spent roaming around town to find a room but everywhere was full! We even mentally prepared ourselves to sleep in the car that night lol.

That, until we found Tony's Guesthouse. The lady was really nice and accommodating. The place had very simple furnishing but made unique because of the colourful paintings on the wall and the colourful decorations. To our surprise we each only had to pay RM30+ for one night accommodation. To say we lucked out is right! And was teased how Tim is a blessing to me because what were the odds we were saved from being stranded in Malacca by a place with the same name Tim's dad *roll-eyes emoji* thank you Uncle, I guess? hahaha. Recommending Tony's Guesthouse to everyone. :)

Our first meal here was kuey teow kia at 4am. Don't know the name of the name of the place but it's located at Melaka Raya area.

Next day we started with chicken rice balls at Huang Chang. Forgot to take a picture of the food but it was so good. :D Queue for chicken rice was long so we had ngohiang while waiting.

Klebang Coconut Milkshake was the highlight of my trip. :)

Another place with super long queue but it was so worth the visit. We were quite lucky because we didn't have to wait too long to get seats or our drinks. The coconut milkshake topped with a scoop Vanilla ice cream was so good! Not too sweet and sickly and it was made even better because of the hot weather. We had two each lol. The keropok lekor would sell out as soon as it leaves the kitchen and we were disappointed that we might not get to have them. Thanks to Victor though we managed to get quite a lot to share! Thank you to the guys for taking good care of us girls by getting the seats and food sorted out nicely. :D

Exploring Jonker and the city centre area. Never explored this side of town where all the riverside bars were located. It's so pretty and loving the chill vibe.

Victor why you do this.

Made our way to Capitol Satay Celup and queued for it but gave up in the end because the queue was too crazy and we couldn't be bothered any longer lol.

Last time I was here the church was under renovation. It's so nice now. :D

Finally got to explore Jonker Street after so long. The place was jam packed with people. Nothing quite special I should say but at least I finally got to experience it myself! :D

Before heading back to Subang we stopped by kuey teow kia again for supper. They wanted to stay another night but I strongly insisted against it lol. Reached home at around 1am+ on the Sunday and thankful I had Monday to rest before work commenced. Thank you Victor and Lejun for driving us (I slept really nicely to and from haha) and thank you friends for a nice weekend away. ♥

With all the love,

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