Sunday, September 4, 2016

Keryn's Travelogue: What to do in Bali, Indonesia

Back in May, I had the opportunity to visit Indonesia for the very time and spent a long weekend in Bali. :)

First view of Indonesia upon landing was the unique terminal buildings at Ngurah Rai International Airport.


Checked-in Taksur Sanur Hotel, Denpasar.

Our group stayed at a quieter part of town, Denpasar because the area is nearer to diving sites (which is my boss' hobby). However, if you prefer a bustling nightlife scene, opt to stay around Seminyak area!

The trip was actually a Regional Meeting held by the company for team building purposes. Team building exercises and short seminar were held one morning and to start things off everyone took turns to introduce themselves. Hopefully I was saying something funny because so many people were laughing in the picture LOL. *self conscious*

Some rap battle going on. Haha the group were divided into two teams and each had to take turns to recite the the full teams' names. The team to complete the task in the shortest time wins and clearly from the picture, my team won. :D

Famous butter cake from Jakarta given to us by the Indonesia colleagues.

Official matters aside, below are 5 activities you can enjoy while in Bali!

1. Enjoy Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang at the famous Natrabu Minang Restaurant. Nasi Padang is a cuisine of steamed rice to be eaten with various side dishes. They will serve various random pre-prepared side dishes to you ranging from meats to vegetables to eggs etc.

2. Visit Uluwatu and enjoy the Kecak Dance

Watched the sunset at beautiful Uluwatu.

At Uluwatu, we watched the Kecak Dance performance. The group of half-naked man were the acapella group of the show and they chanted words and sounds throughout the 1 hour + show which was really admirable! During it, random characters in costumes came out to dance.

Half of the time I was confused about what was going on lol which was at the same time really amusing. Almost halfway throughout the show only I read the synopsis of the story given before the show and started to comprehend what's been actually going on lol. Really recommend everyone to read the synopsis before the show starts haha.

3. For the adventurous, try White Water Rafting

I also had a chance to go white water rafting for the very first time at Telaga Waja river. The whole journey last about 2-3 hours and it was a strenuous but super fun activity!

Picture taken at one of the rest stops.

Towards the end of the journey there was a 4m drop which was so scary but fun at the same time! Look at our faces of pure horror LOL.

And when I saw this series of pictures I couldn't stop laughing! My colleague in another boat somehow had his legs in the air throughout the whole drop till even after they landed hahaha I cannot.

4. Enjoy a seafood feast by Jimbaran Beach

On the evening before we left Bali the next day, the team had seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach. Dress theme for the night was white tops and for the ladies, to match with pareos. So glad we had the dress theme because the pictures turned out so nice!

5. Cocktails and desserts at Ku De Ta, Seminyak

After dinner, we went to Ku De Ta Beach Club, Seminyak for drinks and desserts. The ambience of place is so nice! It would be so fun to come chill with friends or to have a romantic evening with the partner. Would very much love to visit here again. :)

And that was my trip to Bali which I enjoyed very much! 

As a May baby, this trip to Bali and my confirmation at work were considered birthday presents I gave myself. :) So thankful.

With all the love,