Sunday, November 13, 2016

JB and Endau Travelogue: Weekend away with friends

Keryn says hi. :) Please don't take my two months hiatus as me not wanting to blog anymore! I have no intention of quitting blogging whatsoeverrrrr. Not only life has been really hectic, another reason is (I think I mentioned this before that) the internet at my place sucks. But now that I've moved to a new place, a much more decent place with good internet connection, I really want to jump right back into blogging.

Throwback post to a weekend trip the gang and I took to Endau and JB back in August. We've always wanted to go on a trip together but it's never happened because everyone is everywhere busy with work and school. Then a miracle window happened- there was a long weekend, Ferng was back from US on semester break, everyone's around and Silvia agreed to come over from Singapore for the weekend to meet us. :D

On Friday night us 4 made our way down to Endau where Weesung lives. 

I've wanted to visit Endau for the longest time now, so curious about the place seeing now he always described how small Endau is where nothing's there. It's a 4 hours drive from KL and not reachable by the highway. Mcd before we start our trip of course! And so Weesung drove like a mad man the whole way lol and we embarked on a journey into the unknown *cue dramatic music*. First impression of Endau was that it is a really nice little town. It was a short stay of one night and we departed to JB the next morning. Lunch before leaving Endau was a treat by Weesung and his dad gave us fresh fish and squid to be done at the restaurant. Thank you Weesung and family for hosting us!

Disclaimer: Pictures in this post are not taken by myself. :( My phone was away for repairs and I had a Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is ancient, as temporary replacement and the camera... no good. So yea.

Met up with the gang in JB and had a chilled Saturday with them. :) 

Brought them to Niniq, an Indonesian fusion restaurant which I've blogged about back in 2014. After dinner at the famous JB chicken chop place, we wanted to go out but the place we were going to was full house. Ended up staying in playing board games, which I really didn't mind. Friends have been doubting my abilities to play bad guy in Avalon but I've proven them wrong during one epic battle. So proud of myself lol QUEEN OF DECEPTION *pats on the back*.

On Sunday we met up with Tim's parents and the group had lunch together. After lunch Tim's parents bought us durian. Look at our happy faces! It was so good thank you so much auntie!

Dinner before we departed from JB. Ferng's dad treated us to this meal thank you so much uncle.

Group pictures. ♥

Jeki was not really seen in the pictures because he was the one behind the DSLR. He also made a video which I will link below! Thank you Jeki. :3 It was a short by really nice trip. The drive home was especially nice- we just sang Chinese songs and talked the whole way. Feeling really blessed. And really hope this is not the last trip that the gang go on together!

Watch the short video of our trip here. :D

Oh, there was also Merdeka day holiday and the few of us drove up to Genting. That was really nice too. :)

With all the love,

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