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Highlights of My 2016

*Fishes for the most decent selfie*

2016 has been a rough year for me with drastic up and downs. A lot of heartbreaks a lot of breakdowns but at the same time a lot a lot of amazing moments. 1 word for my 2016- bittersweet. Thought of ending the year on a positive note, I will go through the year month by month and jot down the highlights that made my 2016. :) Meanwhile, I will try to squeeze time to post my annual NY resolutions review.


Attended AirAsia's Annual Party 2015 as an employee for the first time. The event was initially scheduled for December 2015 but was postponed to January so it's included here! I'm sure you can tell what the theme was haha- see on the stage all the CEOs of AirAsia in their extravagant Superhero costumes. I just wore my Superman tee while my colleague tried to be smart wearing a tee that said "Being my own hero" LOL. And Tony was an amazing Ironman.


Apart from CNY, in February I flew back to Kuching again to attend Leon and Monika's wedding. Sad I missed the morning session due to work and almost couldn't make it back for the evening session. I'm glad I was able to make it though otherwise I would not be able to forgive myself! The occasion was lovely and it was nice to catch up since last I saw them was before I left UK. :) 

Notably I also had to attend 5 tribunal sessions that month, which was a crazy load of work and stress amongst the festivities! Travelling to and from the tribunals, the waits, having to meet the claimants and be nice to them while being stern when defending the company. I find I enjoy going to tribunals which would suggest that I'd probably enjoy litigation work? Something to think about.


Attended Matta Fair for one whole weekend as a dancer with Kueendom. But will not post a lot on here. Will have a post dedicated to Kueendom-in-2016 coming soon. :)


Threw Tim a surprise birthday party. Jeki interned at the hotel and his pay was 10 buffet vouchers- thank you Jeki for saving it for this occasion! We kept teasing him how he is a true friend for he could've brought 5 ladies on 5 hotel buffet dates lol but he chose us instead. :') And so glad Arvin while visiting KL was able to join in the celebration! Love having him around.


In May, I travelled to Indonesia for the very first time and spent a long weekend in Bali. I've blogged about it so if you are interested to read it click here. :) Another achievement in May- I delivered my first aircraft! YAY to new experiences!

May is also my birthday month! Tim planned a surprise for me and friends helped make it happen. It really took me off guard and it was so touching! While Tim planned to record the whole thing, he found out after that his phone was on Camera mode instead of video mode lol hence I've no complete footage. But thank you everyone who are involved and who bought me my birthday present!

Thank you Tim also for taking the whole weekend off work to accompany me during my birthday weekend. Birthday lunch was at Rokku, Pavillion which was a nice treat for the tummy and the ears! The ears because they have live band performances which was really nice :).

Angie insisted on bringing me out for a birthday meal. :) She asked me to choose whatever I wanted and I went for KFC haha. Thank you for the meal Angeline! Always so thoughtful like that. I am blessed to have you!

Note how I didn't officially blog about my birthday this year thou- looking back I would honestly say that May was the worst month of my year this year. Behind the smiles in the pictures were tears-filled nights and a lot a lot of drama especially inner conflicts. Not gonna go into details but in short I just wasn't feeling myself and emotionally, I was at a really bad place. In hindsight I don't know if I could have done better but I'm just glad I managed to overcome the ordeal.


June was crazy (the good kind of crazy) because Kueendom had 2 video recordings scheduled. That meant most evenings were spent dancing and juggling between practice sessions of both songs. The recording schedule was crazy too! On Saturday we shot Exo- Monster from 10pm until 4am? Then following Sunday morning 7am we had to be up and fresh-faced to record IOI- Dream Girls with Double F LOL. P/S strong brows to match my EXO character Suho's feature.


Legal hosted a Raya Open House and invited the whole office. We also celebrated the boss' belated birthday. :) Do not own baju kurung so for the event I had to borrow from a colleague, thanks Nurul!

My highlight of the day was when we entered Chamber of Secrets for an impromptu photo shoot with the team. So proud to have so many smart and beautiful people around me. Love the pictures and I love the team! So happy to have had a wonderful year with this bunch. Good vibes all the way.

In July we also celebrated darling Anne's birthday. :) Threw her a surprise party and glad she did not expect anything! Dress theme was set as red- kudos to Lejun for being able to subtly get Anne to wear red haha. And on her feet, the gorgeous birthday gift the group got her.


August treated me well and I can safely call it the best month of my 2016. :) 

Had an abundance of good times hanging out with the gang. Got to see Eric (which is super rare!) and catch up with him because of his birthday celebration. Got to visit Australia for the first time, which I will blog in detail eventually, lol.  Made it a point to plan Weesung's birthday celebration and attended it upon touch down from Australia (still can't comprehend why he had to spread his legs like that LOL). And my phone which had a cracked screen was fixed, thanks to Daddy!!


In September I made a trip back home because Mommy misses me. :) Celebrated Juhee's birthday and spent time with my favourite doggy. Little bro also recently got his driver's licence which is very exciting! Time flies.

The month was also packed with dance practices and a video shoot for Blackpink- Boombayah.

Among the chaos, a memorable trip to the city happened. :) Somehow a fashion show took place and that red dress from Zara became an inside joke lol.


Krabi trip with Tim happened in October and it was wonderful. Will blog in detail soon! The video shoot for Taeyeon- Why, a collaboration between Kueendom, RJVN and Charis Ow also happened in October and will be blogged in more detail soon. :)


Twice- TT video shoot happened. Pulse happened, Kueendom performed and Vida was here to watch! Kingsman, sister group to Kueendom also happened! Haha more on this in the Kueendom-dedicated post. :)

Anne came back after she gone home for two long months!! *overly attached* The gang went for dinner at a Korean BBQ place Jeki recommended before she flew back the next day. Looking forward to seeing her and the complete gang again.

Btw seriously shakes head in disapproval at the joined round tables for 6 lol HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE IN ANYWAY?

Met up with them, caught up over lunch at Lafayette, Uptown and watched Fantastic Beasts together. Thank you guys for watching the movie again for us!! I also watched it the second time after that haha.

November was also the month the tenancy of my old place expired and I moved out. Flashback to a year ago the rush to find a place and poor judgement made me choose this place. I thought I could make it work, turned out I couldn't LOL. I finally got to leave the shit hole that I've been staying in for the past year!

I have nothing good to say about the place except that I had space to workout in my room, which I appreciated. I suffered. My dad visited once and said he really pity me having to live under such conditions LOL thanks Daddy for understanding my struggle and validating that its not just me being snobbish. :') When I informed the landlord a time to meetup to return the keys, he dare said to me "If you would like to extend your tenancy, u just need to pay the one time fee of rm190 and provide me your email address n I will send u the extended tenancy agreement." NO THANK YOU!

Yet, this place is also considered a milestone for me. It was the first place that I paid for myself with money I earned. It was the first place I stayed in without having to depend on my parents for rent. :) *pats on the back* And come to think of it, the adverse conditions make me appreciate my new place even more!


Early this month, I attended AirAsia Annual Party 2016 for the 2nd time. :) The dress theme was Jungle Fever and I dressed up as Tiger Lily. It was also AirAsia's 15th Anniversary so the lucky draw was crazy and we had Guy Sebastian, Jay Park and Martin Garrix perform for us!

It's almost the end of 2016 and I'm currently on Christmas long weekend break. :) Kueendom activities have been slow because Kingsman was busy preparing for the KStorm competition. The gang is also dispersed now, each having to focus on the career and future so I am suddenly left with a lot of free time on my hands. It's ok though! This gave me time which I didn't have, to watch Lee Min Ho's new drama- Legend of the Blue Sea which I am loving!! And have the luxury to sit down in solitude and write this super long post lol.

Looking back, this year has been quite great! Despite some setbacks, amazing things have continuously occurred in my life. Nothing but good things to bring into the new year. Looking forward to an even more amazing 2017!

With all the love,


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