Friday, December 8, 2017

Keryn's Travelogue: Gold Coast, Australia Part II


Picture with a surf board to start my second Gold Coast post because why not. :) Second part to my Gold Coast travelogue. Let's go!

6. Enjoy the sun rise with homemade breakfast 



Second day began with beautiful view of the sunrise from our apartment. Breakfast was ham and cheese on toast bought from the supermarket and some coffee- simple but just how I like it!

7. Have fun at the Wet n Wild Waterpark


We then went to Wet n Wild, a large water theme park here. Don't have pictures there so I'll just summarily describe the experience! It was a shame that sis didn't join us because she was feeling ill. It was August and non-peak season so weather was a bit chilly and there was little crowd. The good side was that we could easily go on all the rides more than once almost without any queue! The down side was of course the lack of exciting ambiance and energy that a water park usually has.

And who was glad this ride was not operating the day we visited? ME! LOL. (Picture credits) I don't even remotely like the idea of having the floor underneath my feet taken away and in an instant finding myself dropping to my doom.

8. Explore the Surfer's Paradise beach






After the water park we got back, fetched sis from the apartment and went to the beach. :) Had a lovely time in the water even though it was not sunny that day! 

9. Have a delicious Italian dinner at Costa D'oro




Dinner that evening was at Costa D'oro, a famed Italian restaurant of great reviews here. Sis found this place and I'm glad she did! We had the Oysters Fiorentine, Fettuccine D'oro and Pizza Marinara to share and I had a glass of Annie's Lane with my meal. Both food and ambience were really good and I enjoyed my dining experience here.

Costa D'oro Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
27 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise 
QLD 4217, Australia

9.5 (lol) Have your fortune told by Zoltar



We saw this fortune telling machine en route to the restaurant so we stopped and asked lil bro if he wanted to try it. I took a coin out of my bag and put it into the machine, and lil bro pressed the button. The machine issued a fortune printed on a ticket. We read it and together we thought, this does not apply to lil bro at all! Even half way reading lil bro would occasionally murmur, no..? LOL. 

Then it occurred to us that I was the one putting the coin into the machine. So maybe the fortune was directed to me! Reread, and I was instantly enlightened!! LOL it was an accurate reflection of me and where I was at emotionally at that time. Specifically, it was a difficult time when I was having serious doubts about Tim and I's relationship- whether or not it would go distance and would it be worth it in the long run to continue the fight for it. This fortune struck directly to my heart and safe to say I was comforted by what I read. And everyone knows I am hot headed person with very direct speech. You may call it a coincidence but to me it was a really amusing yet fascinating experience!

10. Roller coasters at Warner Bros Movie World



We spent our last day here at Warner Bros Movie World. Roller coasters, theme park food and all. Need I say more. :)




Then we headed back to the hotel, check out and headed to the airport for our flight back to Melbourne and then back to Malaysia. Above pictures were taken before we left the beautiful city.


Last picture before I sign off on my Australia posts. :)

For our theme park tickets here in Gold Coast, we got them in a bundle of four: Wet n Wild, Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World and Paradise Country. It's a shame that we didn't get to visit Paradise Country due to shortage of time. And it's a shame I didn't get to meet a kangaroo or a koala while here! :C I'm sure I've seen a kangaroo in the Singapore Zoo during my younger days however its not the same as seeing a kangaroo in its place of origin! And what's it like to hold a koala? I wouldn't know! LOL so dramatic I know. But yea, this was the only regret I have from my Australian trip.

Aside from that tiny issue, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. :) Appreciation time! Thank you mum and dad for sponsoring this trip and thank you sis for arranging everything! Since I am always away from home I really enjoyed the time spent with my siblings. And so much new found love and appreciation for this country. Would very much love to come back again.

With all the love,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Keryn's Travelogue: Gold Coast, Australia Part I


During my trip to Australia last year, after Bev's convocation in Melbourne, the siblings and I travelled together for 3D2N to Gold Coast. Gold Coast is usually referred to as Surfer's Paradise. Hence the intro pic lol.



Took a super early morning flight from Melbourne to Gold Coast via Jetstar Airline.




Again with the Surfer's Paradise reference. First impression of Gold Coast- the city is so beautiful with most of its buildings in blue and white. When we went during August, the weather there was sunny and warmer than Melbourne but still chilly hence jackets were still needed.

So the itinerary for Part 1 of my Gold Coast travelogue as listed below!

1. Enjoy a meal by the beach






Our first meal there was at Sandbar. It's a nice seaside restaurant located right by the beach. Had pizza, calamari, burger, pumpkin soup and all that good stuff. Wouldn't mind coming here again!

52 Esplanade, Surfers Paradise
QLD 4217, Australia

2. Visit Seaworld for Spongebob 4D (lol)






Visited Sea World. This place reminds me of Sentosa Singapore! But an older version of it. I remember we went quite late in the day because we only went after lunch, but still managed to finish everything by closing time.


While there I was particularly excited about the Spongebob 4D show and made sure we went for it on time. One underwhelming point was usually for 4D rides you get motion seats but this one you only sit on long benches lol.... But you'll leave the show covered in bubbles LOL so if that's your thing (?).




Always silly when Bev and I get together lol.


The dolphin show! *Heart shaped eyes* Too much animal abuse stories going around and social media urging people to stop supporting animal shows. I really do hope these lovely creatures are treated well here!


When we went to Australia it was during the period when PokemonGo was the hype. And since we would be walking around a lot, we hunted for Pokemons at the same time. Was really fun!

Come to think of it, the timing of our Australia trip was perfect actually. It was when Pokemon GO just started in Malaysia, so you don't really find a lot of Pokemon back in Malaysia but here in Australia they are EVERYWHERE!! Back in Melbourne lil bro even go for super early morning walks to hunt for them. So when we went back to Malaysia we were like pros lol.

3. Check into hotel apartment at Mantra Towers of Chevron Renaissance






After Sea World we went back and checked into our hotel apartment at Mantra Towers of Chevron. Love this place and the view from the balcony no thanks to iPhone's grainy picture quality! We had a comfortable two nights stay here. :) 



The blue lagoon pool at our hotel apartment. Sad that I didn't get to swim in it. But look at how beautiful it is though!

4. Explore Surfer's Paradise 


After settling our things we then went out to explore town. All of us on our Pokemon Go of course lol.


Lil bro's face in this one LOL I REALLY CANNOT.

5. Have grilled ribs at Hurricanes Bar & Grill





Dinner was at Hurricane's Grill, a steakhouse franchise in Australia. The servers will help you put on your bib! We had the sharing platter of ribs and it was so good.

Hurricane's Grill and Bar Surfers Paradise
4-14 The Esplanade, Level 1, 
Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217 Australia.





Love these pictures! I think we were laughing about how to crop the guy in the background out from our shots or ask the guy to leave LOL.

With all the love,