Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions + 2016 Review

I set my new year resolutions 2016 early last year and here I am doing my yearly review. :)

I dread doing this because I know I've done badly this year LOL. But I'll take it head on because I strongly opine that making new year resolutions is good for constant improvement. Even if you know you didn't do so well for the past year, its a self-reflection process and you can work on doing better for the coming year, which I'm all for and recommend you guys to do it too!

1. Pick up reading again. 

I read a few books this year. :) Not as many as I hoped for but more than the years before. There was also a new release in the Harry Potter saga this year- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Tim gave this to me as a surprise back in August and I am so lucky and thankful. :')

Picture was me holding my present in pure Joy (even thou it didn't seem like it LOL cuz I just landed after an 8-hour flight from Aus). It's a shame that this book was not as good as the other Harry Potter books (JK Rowling did not write this) and it is made in script form so it's hard to fully immerse yourself into the story. Anyhoo, I want to keep this going and read more books in 2017.

2. Achieve the financial goals that I have set for myself.

Personal finance is something I was never taught growing up and I am always bad with money. I always feel like I'm broke no matter how much money I have and it is a mind set that I know needs to go! It's also hard to break old habits of spending all my money on eating out and entertainment. I loveeeeee going to the cinema and I must have popcorn everytime so its easily RM40+ each trip do the math.  I want to be good at managing money and I will keep improving in this coming year.

3. Travel to Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. 

I have travelled to 3 new countries in 2016 namely Thailand, Indonesia and Australia and I am very happy with that. Even though I didn't make it to Japan like I initially wanted, maybe a goal for 2017? :)

4. Continue to be inspired in dance and despite busy work life, continue to dance whenever the chance. 

Yes to this! Kueendom has been busy in 2016 and we've churned out quite a number of videos, slotting in performances here and there. There were days whereby I'd work during the day and dance during the evening till around 12 then back to work the next day, for a consecutive two weeks. By the weekends I would be sooooooo exhausted. Some days I had the feeling that I might collapse or have a break down anytime. But still, nothing beats being able to dance. Been in a hiatus for about a month now and I feel so unfit!!

5. Cut out the need for sugary drinks.

I cannot. TT Whenever I feel down or have a bad day first thing I would think of is Coke at Mcds. I know its bad and I really want to stop this.

6. Have a healthier lifestyle in terms of eating better, drinking more water and have regulated sleep.

I think I started drinking more water. And since I am working now I go to bed at a certain time everyday. But I could do with more water intake and longer hours of sleep so I will not consider this achieved. I also failed miserably at the eating better portion.

7. By end of 2016, to be able to watch Korean shows without subtitles.

Nope. But instead of blindly reading the subtitles like I used to, I would naturally listen to the words they say and try to understand alongside reading subtitles. So that's a plus in my books!

8. By end of 2016, have job satisfaction as to what I have achieved year-long. 

I had job satisfaction. I loved my job and the team I was with. But yea, life happens. Looking forward to a better year in 2017.

9. Work life balance- to work hard and at the same time, maintain good social life outside work. 

I think I did ok. People stay in the office till 10, bring work home and some sleeps at 9/10 then back to work the next day. I still try my best not to do so. I prioritise dance and social time even thou I'd be exhausted at the end of work day. I do not want to settle into a mundane, repetitive lifestyle.

10. Apply principle of Minimalism in my life. 

Many people have the misconception that minimalism means depriving yourself. But it's actually the total opposite. It's about keeping only things you love, the things that will add value to your life. Instead of buying 10 items that you see were on sale, buy that full-priced item that will give you more satisfaction of the 10 combined. Because of its quality? Because you wholeheartedly would love to own it. With this, you get rid of potential junk and is surrounded with items that only you value.

This also applies to relationships. Keep people in your life that will add value to it. For example people who make you happy, those who inspire you become better and those who have your best interest at heart. If hanging out with a person only brings you stress and negativity- ie. they do or say things that bring you down, love to point out your weaknesses, always complains and only creates drama- get rid of these people from your life. Trust me, you will be better off. I am also learning to apply minimalism to more aspects of my life.

2016 saw me striving in a few aspects but to me it was overall an unhappy year. So my 2017 new year resolutions will be more or less same as 2016 except I will prioritise getting my happiness and peace back. :)

Here goes.

1. Overall 2017 a good year.
2.Financial goals set for 2017 achieved.
3. Trust my gut and say yes to new opportunities.
4. Eat better, sleep well and drink more water.
5. Keep an active lifestyle and keep dancing.
6. Appreciate the people and things around me. Appreciate Tim.
7. Read more books.
8. Make new friends.
9. Have a nice vacation to somewhere amazing.
10. Take good care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

2017 let's go!

With all the love,


momojojo said...

May be write a post explaining about minimalism that you already applied in your life?

I like to read about how you always look at good and bright side instead of focusing a little dark spot in life, and how you look at one particular thing in different way that normally people would be depressed and keep complaining about.


kxin keryn pue said...

I've the thought to write about it! More so about the law of attraction rather than minimalism thou, which I believe what your second para is referring to. :) But I feel like the timing is not right yet.

Undeniably it's hard to always be positive in every situation but a mantra that guides me is, everything happens for a reason. It may take time to overcome sadness/negative situation but the belief that better things are ahead defo helps. :)