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Kueendom | Life with Kueendom 2016


In this post Imma sum up my Kueendom activities back in 2016. :) 

My last Kueendom post was on our Rough- GFriend dance cover , which was almost exactly a year ago! So I guess the timing is just right(?). Will try to post in chronological order but I don't really remember what happened when lol so we'll just go with the flow ok.

Disclaimer: I watermark to show that I put these on my page but I do not own all the pictures.





Intro pic is taken from this shoot of High Heels- CLC, Kueendom's first collab with another Kpop dance group, Double F. :) 

Even thou I've been involved in the Kpop cover world for quite sometime now, I never really involved myself in the community and don't really know people. :( This is the first time I met Kpop dancers outside Kueendom LOL.

Double F really resemble Korean pop culture- the way they dress the way they style their hair. And see how they look so bubbly in the pictures, they are exactly the same in real life haha sometimes I wonder where do they get their energy from. Glad to have met them and the videographer Kenny from Guitou Studios. Ah, and not forgetting Inside Scoop Sri Petaling and the owner David for letting us use the venue! We signed the black board and David let us leave it on there for awhile haha. Pictures credits to Kenny from Guitou Studios.




Kueendom performed at Matta Fair 2016 for the Korean Tourism Organisation. A good thing to note is that we performed for them during this year's Matta Fair as well! Thank you KTO for recognising us and having us perform for you 2 years in a row. :)



Then came Monster-EXO. Pic above with Tashia was taken during one practice session, before we cut the red hoodie into our Monster-esque get-up. Pic below was taken from Tim's snapchat on shooting night, in full makeup and outfit. Can't really see it in the video because it was quite dark, but we had slits,chains and all sorts going on and bruises painted on our faces. Kueendom has done a few male group dance covers but this was the first time I joined one. The dance was quite intense but I love a challenge. I think I did ok in this one. :) Hope we get to do more male group dance covers in the future!


 LOOK AT THAT SWOLLEN MORNING FACE! As mentioned before, we did the Monster shoot on a Saturday night. The shoot started at around 10pm and ended at 2-3am? Then at 7am Sunday morning, RISE AND SHINE off to another video shoot LOL.



360 change from the previous one, we did the cutesy, cheerful Dreams girls- IOI, again another collaboration with other Kpop cover groups namely Double F and Ionix. :) Even though I'm too old for this pastel thing and giant ribbon on my head lol, loved the outfit and how the whole group look together! Didn't do well for this video (no energy and made mistakes boohoo) but got to meet more pretty ladies haha and really enjoyed the practice sessions in big groups.



Then Blackpink made their epic debut, took the world by storm and Kueendom covered both their songs Whistle and Boombayah. I played Jisoo in Boombayah and I loved it because my black brown hair matched my character's YAY.



Behind the scenes. I look ok standing on my own but when I'm around people I'm a giant sigh story of my life. TT Pheonix had long blonde hair and before the shoot she went to cut her hair and fringe to look exactly like Lisa's. Thats commitment right there and she looked so good! Yiwei's hair then also looked like Rose's, beige blonde with pink ends. AH I love how this video turned out la.




Then I decided to get a tan before our next shoot. LOL came back from Krabi 5 shades darker and looked burnt in Why-Tayeon, a collaboration video with Charis Ow and Rejuvenate Dance Crew. The video is not on Kueendom's youtube channel so you can watch it here. :D

Shoutout to Charis who is one of the sweetest human beings on the face of the earth I've ever met lol- chirpy and ultra personable both in her videos and in real life. And to Rejuvenate, one of the best street dance crews in Malaysia!





Behind the scenes. Boys chillin'. Iylia's side profile is love, her nose is love. All the girls had colourful hair I should've done something to mine (Charis even went blonde for the first time just for this video. That's commitment!) oh well. And my eyebrows were NOT ACCEPTABLE lol *cries* you should've known better Keryn what the heck were you thinking.




We also did a concept shoot for Skechers Malaysia. EXO were the models for the new D-Lite line and Kueendom did Monster for the shoot. :)




Last video of the year was TT-Twice. It was Twice's third comeback and Kueendom's third dance cover of theirs. Guess we'll be stuck doing Twice songs for the rest of Kueendom's life haha! Really like the second pic but didn't post this on Insta because Tim and Yiwei said it looked like I was flipping off lol.


My outfit for TT. It's very feminine I like it. :D





Selfies galore! Love the makeup we went for- crystals on our faces to look teary-eyed. And it's not everyday you get to take pouty face selfies and not get punched in the face so yea! We jumped at the opportunity hahaha. I do feel like I want to smack myself tho lol.



Then Kueendom ended the year with a bang with two performances. And we performed Why-Taeyeon live with Charis and Rejuvenate!


The Why team. :)





My gorgeous Kueendom girls. ♥


And Vida was in KL so she came to watch us perform! ♥ In case you don't know her, she was president of TUDC first batch and one of the OG Kueendom members. She was in many of my posts during uni days but now she is full time based in Jakarta. :'(



And so proud to announce that Kueendom now has a brother group Kingsman! Good job Iylia and Yiwei for their hard work in putting the new team together. These boys are doing so well in competitions and are quickly gaining fan base.

You can watch all the videos mentioned in this post at Kueendom Kingsman's YouTube page. Please give us your support!! ♥♥ And that's all for today! Till then. :)

With all the love,

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