Sunday, July 2, 2017

Photobucket and It's new Term of Use

Update (23 May 2018): Today I discovered the pictures of most of my posts have returned! Not sure what is up but I am happy Photobucket decided to restore its 3rd party hosting feature (?).

TL;DR: Photobucket, the website I used to host my blog pictures for the past 4 years changed its terms of use without notice and started charging users for 3rd party hosting so now all links to my photos between 2012-2016 are broken.

Update (April 2018): I am slowly restoring the pictures via manual upload.

Was scrolling through my blog after publishing my latest blog post. When I reached my 2016 posts, I found my intro picture replaced with a note that reads "Please update your account to enable 3rd Party Hosting" "For more info please go to". I continued scrolling and to my horror, all the pictures have been replaced with it.

Panic striken, I googled "Photobucket P500" and found that many websites had been affected as well. Apparently without prior notice to its users, Photobucket has changed its Terms of Use and this change only took place last week. I read that for Photobucket to continue supporting 3rd party hosting, users will now have to pay a whopping $399 per year.

My posts in 2017 are not affected because I only recently switched to Flickr to support my photo links, as recommended by my sister. But I am so distressed right now because I have been using photobucket to store and link photos since as early as 2012.

More than 4 years of blog content now filled with this ugly grey notice.

People are saying it may be a website hack which it may be solved but people are also saying to not have your hopes up.

And whats even more horrid, users are claiming that they are unable to download the content uploaded in their Photobucket accounts. Luckily I managed to download my library of 2566 pictures. But to restore all the affected posts with the original pictures would mean I have to manually do it one by one and I doubt I'll have the time nor energy for it so if things persist, then bye bye 4 years of blog content..

If you don't know me, then I'm probably sounding overly dramatic right now. I'm sure there are people with websites and contents out there more affected by this change of policy. But if you know me you know I am very attached to my blog. I am preparing myself emotionally and mentally for the worst. :(

With all the love,

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Keryn & Tim Travels: Krabi, Thailand Part II


This is second part of our Krabi getaway. :) Intro pic is one that I really love, taken in the beautiful Emerald Pool.


On second morning we were again greeted with an amazing breakfast spread prepared by our Airbnb host Ritar. :)

After breakfast we were then off to do some activities around Krabi. Today's activities were arranged by Ritar and we paid 800baht (around RM100) per person. She helped us engage the tour guide and we were picked up from the hotel at 9am. And we were again blessed another day of sunny weather!




First stop was the Hot Spring Waterfall. It is said that the water is good for your health and skin. There were so many people around and in the hot springs which may be off-putting to some but I couldn't resist. Once there was a free tub I immediate took a dip!

We were recommended to stay in the water no longer than 20 minutes. Not sure the temperature of the water but it was comfortable yet hot enough to make you feel the blood circulation and flush to the skin. And the hot water was so relaxing (provided you tune out the crowd of people roaming around you lol).



Next we visited the Emerald Pool. :) I was excited about this one because I've heard so many good things! The pool is a 800m walk through the rainforest and it was a nice walk being surrounded by nature.


En route to Emerald Pool we passed by Crystal Lagoon. Swimming is forbidden but it is beautiful to look at.





And we arrived. Again it was packed with people. But dang, look at the colour of the water!

The pool glowed in emerald green and it was purely mesmerising. The water was cold and it took some courage for me to fully submerge my whole body lol but after the initial struggle *please don't mind my exaggeration* the swimming part was really enjoyable. The ground surrounding the pool is covered with algae hence very very slippery so do be careful when maneuvering around the area. Due to the slippery ground, you can easily slide into the water along the edge of the pool but it was a chore to get out lolol. Tim literally had to pull me out of the water haha cuz I couldn't get out on my own.

When I spoke to Ritar, she shared that 10 years she used to enjoy coming to Emerald Pool to swim. Asked her why she stopped coming. She answered, because nowadays there are just too many people! Can imagine how beautiful the pool was even more so back in the days, before it started attracting crowds of tourists, that there were only you, the pool and nature.

There is also a Blue Pool 600m from where we're at, how could we have missed it! I didn't know there was a Blue Pool until after my visit and it pains me because it looks so beautiful in the pictures what more to have seen it in person! Urgh!!



Our last stop was the Tiger Cave Temple. The highlight of the Tiger Temple was of course the climb to the hilltop temple located 1237 steps from ground. The climb was optional but recommended and we were not at all prepared for it. In slippers and not equipped with water, we began our climb.










Initially when we left our van not knowing we would be climbing 1k+ steps, we decided not to bring water with us, and lol it was the worst decision ever! Not having water to drink during and after the climb was the worst. Please don't make the same mistake as us and please bring water!

The hike was in my opinion really difficult. But we made it! As you can see from the pictures, some parts are really steep and the steps irregular sized. To put things into perspective, the climb to the top of Batu Caves is 272 steps. This was 4.5x of the Batu Caves climb. I like it that they show you the number of steps you've taken at random intervals.  Seeing the numbers increase gives a sort of psychological effect to keep going.






Fulfilling feeling after reaching the summit. *insert muscle arm emoji* There were many Buddha statues and a giant one towering the hilltop temple. Bells were ringing in the wind and it was so peaceful. And gosh the view.


I wanted to give up a few times but Tim helped push me through. One thing was also because Tim inherently think that I'm unfit, which I disagree lol! To reach the top was also a way for me to prove myself to him saying hey, your girl is better than you think ok! And I did it YAY. If he wasn't there I think I would've quit half way lolol.

Thank you Timmy for the acknowledgement Snap. :) P/s and I acknowledge that I'm an ugly sleeper.



In the evening after shower and rest. :) In the shorts Tim bought for me the night before, and in my hands were some souvenirs we got for friends back home.



We went to the street food stalls again for another seafood feast. Forgot to take a picture of the food! And maybe it's just me, but coconut drink tasted better here in Thailand.






After dinner, Thai ice cream rolls and some roaming around, we went back to our Airbnb and had a water colour session with Bancha. We drew a Krabi scenery and Bancha taught us how to mix and layer the colours. We completed our drawings after 3 hours. :) It was nice that we could document our memories here in a painting form. Thank you Bancha for teaching us!





Last day in Krabi. :'( Our flight was at 4pm so in the morning we went out to roam the town one last time before we left. Hung out around the shopping street, the beach and had coconut ice cream.


A picture with our Airbnb hosts Ritar and Bancha before we hopped on a van to the airport then back to reality. Before we left, Bancha played the guitar and sang a few Thai folk songs to bid farewell. It was really nice of them and again, I cannot recommend them enough. You can find their Airbnb listing here. :)

Relax@Krabi Home Gallery
311 Nopharat thara soi 8, Aonang, 
Chang Wat Krabi 81000.
+66 81 535 2119

And that was the end of our 3D3N getaway to Krabi, Thailand. Another good trip with Tim crossed off the list and already looking forward to the next one! Hope you enjoyed reading. :) 

With all the love,